Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Dream that Carries You

Dreams carry one on towards who they want to become and what they want to do in their life, future, and before they pass on. According to Anne Ortlund a Christian book writer,“A dream is a precious exciting thing that carries you forward from day to day; a goal down the way that keep you on the straight road to get there, a purpose just for you alone, exhilarating enough to give you momentum for a long time to come” (Ortlund). I have many dreams and have found that one must have a intent, purpose and plan behind those dreams to carry them forward and make them a reality.

My dreams ultimately sit under the umbrella of one big dream: The person I want to become, represent, and the things that I do to make that possible.  I desire to be known as a girl who genuinely loved people.  Not with a love of that comes from a desire to be loved; however, a love that that stems from being loved first by a perfect love.  Love is displayed through actions in ways that words cannot attain to. The Perfect Love was demonstrated to me in a way that overtakes all acts of love in history.  Actions of love from a genuine heart of love prove that it is real.

Surrounding my ultimate goal are the dreams I have to complete that goal.  Many of them seem small while others appear impossible to attain.  However behind each desire is a want to show others what Perfect love is.  In the past I have tried to attain love by means of earning it.  I had to do things to earn the love of another.  The powerful thing about the Perfect love is that it was displayed when who I was did everything possible to crush it.  Daily, from the moment of birth, I have performed many actions out of self-love, actions labeled both 'good' and 'bad'. Love from a mere want to be loved is not complete love.  The Perfect love was given when I did not love, nor did anything to deserve love.  I desire to proclaim the name of He who is true love and have others know His love that fulfills every desire to be loved.

But what is my intent and purpose behind such goals and dreams?  Why do I desire to genuinely love people and show them the One who filled me with his love?  Because He has made me to love Him. The point behind it all is to show Him my complete adoration. The purpose is to follow what He desires, which is that I serve Him with a complete and pure heart. By doing this every desire and dream of my heart is fulfilled.